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Loneliness can and does affect anyone, of any age. If you are feeling lonely and down, reaching out can be hard. You can become socially isolated for a variety of reasons, such as getting older or through disability or illness. 

Staying connected

Having a chat with a friend or relative over the phone can be the next best thing to being with them.

Getting out and about and transport 

Local transport is a great way of getting out and about and local bus travel is free for older people across England.

Local transport services include

Get involved in local community activities

My City Directory has lots of community, social groups and activities that you can join or take part in. 

Salford Health Improvement Service can support you if you want to stop smoking or manage your weight, as well as signposting you to other services.


Use the knowledge and experience you have gained over a lifetime to give something back to your community.

You'll get lots back in return, such as new skills and confidence  and make new friends too.

Salford CVS is local voluntary organisation that can help support you with volunteering opportunities. 

University of the Third Age

The University of the Third Age (U3A) operates in many areas, offering older people the chance to learn or do something new.

Run by volunteers, U3A  it gives you the chance to do, play or learn something you may never have done before, or something you haven't considered.

U3A is also a great place to meet people and make new friends.