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Support and Advice

Here you can find the support and advice that is available to parents and young people with special educational needs and disabilities who live in Salford.

Your health visitor or GP may be good places to start if you have concerns. It's really important you choose someone who you already feel comfortable with.

Salford has a team of dedicated SEND specialist teachers and psychologists who are keen to support you with your learning at home challenges. If your child is not currently in school and you’re struggling to get them to do their school work, or if you need some support or advice on managing their SEND needs you can email the team at and one of the specialists will get back to you. They can also signpost you to other professionals who can help you or answer your questions.

A spotlight on: Autism

Autism Central aims to build knowledge and understanding of autism and empower families and carers to advocate for autistic people they support. On their website you will find help and support including 1:1 sessions, online training and resources such as information on diagnosis, exclusions, friendships, school anxiety, sensory differences, sleep as much more more. Visit their website- Autism Central Website.

Ambitious about Autism acknowledge that receiving an autism diagnosis as a young adult can be a moment of huge significance and that it can often raise many more questions that need answering. They have put together a number of videos from autistic people who share their experiences of being diagnosised as a child, teenager and as an adult. Watch these videos here- Ambitious about Autism videos

Options Autism have created a series of help sheets offering advice and guidance for parents and carers who look after children, young people and adults with autism.