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Mediation and disagreement resolution services

If you have disagreements about special educational needs, we can try to sort it out through informal meetings or mediation. 

Independent help and support

The council has appointed providers to deliver independent mediation and disagreement resolution services. The providers are:

  • Together Trust
  • Essential Mediation

Parents and young people need to consider mediation before they can register an appeal with the first-tier tribunal (special educational needs and disability). Parents and young people will also be able to go to mediation about the health and social care elements of an education, health and care (EHC) plan.

What the service includes

Advice and information

Independent advice about matters relating to the special educational needs of the children or young people concerned and advice about pursuing mediation.

Disagreement resolution

Independent support to resolve disagreements between the council or commissioning body, and the parents of children and young people living in Salford. Disagreements could be about the needs assessment; the preparation and review of education, health and care plans; and needs re-assessment.


Mediation applies where a child's parent or a young person intends to appeal to the first-tier tribunal about our decision, or what's in an education, care and health plan.

How do I access advice, mediation or disagreement resolution?

Parents/young people can contact one of the service providers directly through self-referral. Information and support can also be provided by Salford Information Advice and Support Service (SIASS).

For more information about the services offered please look at each of the providers' websites. You can also download further information on the right.