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Travel and Transport

In many cases, children and young people with special educational needs will automatically get transport assistance, and in other cases individual circumstances will be looked at.

Assistance with transport is provided for primary and secondary school age pupils attending special needs schools within the Salford area and beyond.

If transport is to be provided, the authority will determine the type of provision to be made; this may take the form of travel cost reimbursement or even more individualised contracted transport. Provision made will take account of the pupil/student's severity of learning difficulty and/or mobility needs.

Transport needs will be reviewed in line with an annual review process as a pupils transport needs may change over time. Schools will review transport provision and make recommendations to the LA through the statutory review process with a view to moving pupils to independent travel as soon as possible.

The application process for transport is now online.

Older people and adults with disabilities may also be able to get help with travel.