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Salford CVS

Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector.  We are a partner within Salford Learning City as we value the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience of every kind and actually facilitate many types of formal and informal learning within the City:-

  • Our VOCAL Forums create opportunities for VCSE organisations to share information, knowledge and specialist expertise with other VCSE organisations and our public sector partners.
  • Our organisational development support provides informal learning through the provision of advice, information and practical support with things like securing funding
  • Our community based structured and facilitated learning provides opportunities for people involved in running or governing VCSE organisations to learn about best practise and gain practical skills
  • Our health & wellbeing projects provide opportunities for residents to learn how to connect with organisations in their communities and improve their health & wellbeing
  • Our Volunteer Centre service also support local residents to learn through connecting with others through formal volunteering
  • Our small grants programme also provides opportunities for VCSE organisations to provide a range of community based activities

The VCSE Sector in Salford also provide a rich variety of learning opportunities which do take learning out of the classroom, onto our streets and within our communities.  Salford CVS is therefore also committed to connecting our diverse VCSE sector with Salford Learning City.