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PETERLOO PEOPLE _ New Anthology to Commemorate Peterloo

Imagine the ordinary working folk and their families, whose lives were affected by the events of 16th of August, 1819.  Increasingly scarce employment opportunities for mill-workers; the gloomy future for home weavers; increased costs of food and the aftermath of Waterloo were some of the factors that led to their witness at St Peter’s fields in Manchester.  Consider also those who played a part in influencing the events and political atmosphere of the times.

Researchers will not find Peterloo People in historical reference books.  The literary style aims to introduce a wider audience to this important political milestone through recreational reading.  Real events and the inclusion of major players give historical anchors to this modest attempt to put some flesh on the anonymous participants in what was to be known as The Peterloo Massacre. Men, women and children, old and young, impoverished and privileged feature in new short stories from a collaboration of Salford-based writers and published by SWit’CH.

This is not a clinical history.  A potpourri of passions gives the reader the chance to walk in those shoes to the peaceful protest, the actions on the day and shameful reaction afterwards.  But the focus is not only on the victims; the perspectives of the authorities and militia are treated with sympathy and criticism in due turn – and there’s even a wry tale of hope and salvation for a pariah in the guise of a government spy.

Barbara Keeley MP, Member of Parliament for Worsley & Eccles South says:

Peterloo People is a creative and reflective commemoration of one of the most important episodes in the history of Manchester.”

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Peterloo People             Published 2019            ISBN  978-0-244-18472-8

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£5.00 special offer see 'other info'
Includes donation to AGe UK when bought at Critchley Community hub.