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Autism Alliance

As an alliance we hold shared beliefs and values relating to the individual potential of people on the autism spectrum, our expectations for them are high and we believe that:

  • People with autism will always continue to develop skills and strategies and we can demonstrate positive outcomes for the people we support
  • People with autism have significant strengths and can use these to learn and develop skills allowing them to participate as independent and valued citizens, enjoying equal rights and opportunities
  • A flexible and personalised approach is necessary to support the development of individual skills
  • Through working alongside people with autism, effective strategies can be developed that enable them to contribute to and be consulted on all aspects of their lives
  • Consultation through listening to people who use the service, and their representatives is key to effective evolving services

Who to contact

Contact Us

Where to go

Petersfield, Sefton House
Bridle Road
L30 4XR

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Personalised service planning to accommodate needs but usually open 365 days from 8.00 am and most evenings.