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Independent Parental Speical Education Advice Tribunal Advice

IPSEA's Tribunal Helpline is covered by 1 or 2 volunteers working from their own homes. If the line is engaged, our volunteers are busy. Try calling again later. It may be easier to get through in the afternoon. Please feel free to call this helpline as often as you need to.

If you hear an answerphone message it will be on a volunteer's home voicemail. Please ignore the message and try calling again a few minutes later.

IPSEA’s Tribunal Help Line is the number to call if you:

1. Have a right of appeal triggered against a decision made by your LEA concerning your child’s Special Educational Needs; or

2. Are making a claim of Disability Discrimination.

When you call, the volunteer you speak to will do two things:

1. Listen to your reason for calling, assess where you are in the Tribunal process and give you next step advice in preparing your case for Tribunal including:

  • Completing your application form to the Tribunal
  • Understanding the process you will follow
  • Consideration of your evidence - suggesting areas you may need to strengthen
  • Explaining case management
  • Communicating with the Tribunal and asking for directions
  • Preparing for a Tribunal hearing

2. Assess whether at this stage in the Tribunal process you need the support of an individual IPSEA volunteer caseworker.

We need to make this assessment as demand for individual case work support is always. greater than the number of casework volunteers we have available. It is not made on financial grounds. The assessment is based on each individual family’s needs and abilities plus the complexity of the case.

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