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Salford Children's Audiology Department

The Salford Children's Audiology Department is based at Pendleton Gateway.

They see babies, children and young people from birth to leaving full time education. Deafness covers a broad spectrum from glue ear and hearing problems at home and in the class room to children with multiple disabilities and medical conditions who are at increased risk of permanent childhood deafness.

The team will test your child’s hearing and identify the nature and extent of any hearing problem present. Once this has been established they will discuss with you the management options available. This could include ongoing monitoring, a referral onto a Paediatric ear nose and throat specialist or the provision of a hearing aid or assistive device. The Audiology team work closely with education colleagues, more specifically with the learning support services for sensory impairment (Teachers of the Deaf). For children who wear hearing aids or have an assistive device there is an Audiology repair service that will visit your child in school. This is for routine repairs, servicing and to make or issue new ear moulds. The visit can be completed within a short space of time in school and reduces the amount of school time lost for routine Audiology appointments.

The Audiology team will work closely with you and your child throughout your time in their service. They will routinely monitor your child’s hearing where necessary. If your child has hearing aids they will continuously review your child’s hearing and their provision to ensure that they have up-to-date technology.

Referrals for assessment can be sent by your GP, health visitor, school nurse, other health care professionals or education professionals. Parents cannot self-refer for any new patients.

Parents can request appointments if they are already under the service.

Parents can email the service directly for hearing aid repairs, hearing aid reassessment’s and hearing aid school visits. The email address is

Who to contact


Where to go

Pendleton gateway
1 Broadwalk
M6 5FX


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