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Enhanced Care Team

A team of health and social care professionals who will work closely with you and your family or carer, to develop an individual health and wellbeing plan, built around your specific needs and priorities.

You will be offered a clinic based assessment of all your health and social care needs.

You will have a named Care Co-ordinator and Wellbeing Practitioner who will be your key contacts while we are working with you.

We will support you for up to 12 weeks, until either you have met the health and wellbeing goals you set, or you are not longer benefitting from the service.

Who to contact


You will stil be registered with your GP.

Where to go

Swinton Gateway, 100
Chorley Road
M27 6BP


Referral required
Referral Details

If you are already using health and social care services, one of the professionals working with you may suggest using the Enhanced Care Team. It's your choice. If you agree to a referral, you will receive a phone call to arrange a home visit to meet you.