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Whizz Kidz

There are an estimated 70,000 disabled children and young people in the UK waiting for a wheelchair that fits their young lives. That’s where we come in,

We want all young wheelchair users lives to be full of fun, friendship and freedom,

We supply vital mobility equipment across the UK and at Whizz-Kidz, the wheelchair is just the start - we also run a whole range of other services for young wheelchair users, completely free of charge.


We offer a range of programmes each year with a core theme such as sport and wellbeing, the environment, digital skills, creativity and adventure. Each one is tailored to the young people who sign up and we provide healthcare support so that young people can attend independently.

Young people sign up to a whole programme which runs over a few days (either weekends or in the holidays) and has targeted outcomes. For example, our digital programme may result in young people designing their own app, or our creative programme may lead to a drama production.

Our programmes work with young people age 8-25 and sessions are pitched appropriately. We engage content providers with specialist knowledge in their areas.


Whizz-Kidz provides work placements to disabled young people in two ways - either a company will offer us a placement and we'll find someone to fill it, or you can get in contact and ask us for a specific placement and we'll do our best to find it! 

In the past, we've organised placements in retail, business, finance, legal, sales/marketing, comms/social media, IT, transport and film.

As you can see, we can try to source placements in a variety industries. So if you're after something in particular, just let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Our Employability Skills Days run online and usually last 45-90 minutes.

These helpful sessions are run in collaboration with one of our partner companies.

They will come and discuss their experiences and expertise in a particular area, such as CV writing, interview skills, presentation skills, time management and many many more!

Each session not only means you can learn from professionals, but is also an opportunity to ask questions and connect and learn from other young people.

 Wheelchair Skills Training 

Wheelchair Skills in Schools

We visit schools and work with young wheelchair users to use their wheelchair  safely. This may involve basic skills training for those who have just received their wheelchair, through to advanced sessions and even using public transport

Train the Trainer

We work with teachers, NHS colleagues and other professionals to train them to deliver wheelchair skills in their own environment, supporting young people with essential skills. We can deliver training face-to-face or online

Working with Parents/Carers

It is essential that families can support young people to practice the skills they need to be independent. We can offer advice and support to parents and carers to learn key skills and training tips so that they can help at home

See website for more information.

Age Range(s)

  • 2 to 25

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Whizz-Kidz HQ
2nd Floor
30 Park Street

Head Office

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