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Homeshare North West- Sharing homes safely and happily

Homeshare is an inter-generational living model that connects older people in need of practical support around the home and companionship with people looking for affordable accommodation. It's a simple idea that helps people share their lives for mutual benefit.

Homeshare North West brings together people who live alone and have a spare room (Householders) with people who are looking for affordable accommodation and can offer company and practical support around the home, with things like; cooking, gardening, shopping or cleaning (Homesharers). Kindness and companionship are at the heart of Homeshare. There is no personal care involved in this arrangement. 

Age Range(s)

  • Older people (typically 50+ years) but Homeshare is an option for any adult

Who to contact

Contact Name
Mel Withington
Contact Position
Homeshare Manager
My services website
  • Matches people who want companionship, support or help around the house with people who need affordable accommodation and are happy to help.

    In return for 10 hours a week of help around the home, a householder provides a room and shared facilities rent-free to a homesharer. See website FAQ's

    Homeshare has distinctive characteristics

    • It is not a regulated activity and the homesharer must not provide any element of personal care.
    • The homesharer provides practical support which can include help with shopping, cleaning, and cooking but more importantly the sharer must be prepared to live sociably in the property, providing companionship to the householder.
    • Homeshare North West plays a pivotal role in the relationship. Undertaking all the key safety checks, make appropriate introductions, and provide ongoing support.
  • We provide services across the North West

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Time of day


Referral required
Referral Details

How to apply

People can apply to take part in the programme through contacting Homeshare North West. A Homeshare coordinator will interview and assess Homeshare applicants. Family members and professionals can also refer on behalf of someone who is interested in Homesharing.

Reference checks

The coordinator will visit the Householder’s property to make sure there is a spare room available and the property is in good repair. They also perform background, Enhanced DBS and reference checks on participants.

Interview and matching

The coordinator will carefully select a Homesharer and Householder to create a compatible match. The Householder (and sometimes the householder’s family) and the Homesharer will interview each other to decide if they would like to proceed with the match. If both parties are happy with the match and decide to share, the coordinator will help to draw up an agreement.


The householder and Homesharer agree what support the Homesharer will give. This is a flexible arrangement and can include duties like cleaning, cooking, gardening, accompanying to appointments or shopping.

Homeshare North West charge a minimum monthly fee to both the householder and the homesharer (check directly for further info on fees).


The first month of Homesharing is usually a trial period for the Householder and Homesharer get used to each other. The coordinator will monitor progress and provide advice and support to the Householder and Homesharer if needed. Homeshare placements usually last between 6-12 months but can be longer or shorter.

Other Details

Other notes

Homeshare North West aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness through sociable, inter-generational living arrangements. This is thoroughly supported by your Homeshare Coordinator from the start till the end of the match. Typically this arrangement works well with an older person who lives alone and has  a spare room, who is matched with a younger student/professional who is in need of affordable accommodation and mutual companionship. However there is no set age restrictions to this arrangement or a persons situation as each match is bespoke. 


The homesharer does not pay rent to the householder. Instead both parties pay a monthly fee to Homeshare North West to cover the costs incurred in finding and supporting good matches. The homesharer may also pay a contribution to household bills. Fees paid to Homeshare programme’s vary to reflect local economies. On average a homesharer will pay £80 per month and a householder will pay £300 per month which represents a significant saving on accommodation and similar domestic help.


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