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Community Rehabilitation and Falls Service

We provide up to six weeks rehabilitation and therapy at home, to help you imporve your independence. 

If everyday living tasks are very difficult, you have had some falls, you have been in hospital or in an intermediate care rehabilitation unit, you may need a short period of extra support to regain your independence. 

We will find out what your goals are and work with you to build your personal rehabilitation and therapy programme. This will include:

  • trying new ways of doing things
  • using equipment to help you with daily taks
  • exercises to improve your balance, strenght, flexibility and stamina
  • involving your friends, family and carers. 

We will regularly review how you are doing - once you have acheived your goals, we will stop your programme. 

You will be working with a range of staff - each one is a specialist. 

Who to contact

Parent Organisation

Where to go

Burrows House, Unit 10
Priestley Road
M28 2LY


Referral required
Referral Details

Patients are referred into the service by any health or social services member of staff who identifies risk of falls. Risk of falls is determined by a risk assessment included on our referral form.