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Chameleon Project

The Chameleon Project is a bereavement counselling service working with children, adolescents and their parents. The service can offer practical support and guidance to families, individuals, professionals and anyone concerned about a grieving child. They believe that the right support at the right time can enable a young people and adults to find a way to live with their grief and rebuild a positive future. The centre provides a needs-led therapeutic service for Salford children and families, as they begin to explore their unique process of adjustment following bereavement. Children and young people often find it difficult to speak directly about their thoughts and feelings, and so play is used as an effective communication tool to facilitate symbolic expression and appear less threatening. Sessions usually take place each week or fortnight in an environment where the young person feels most comfortable e.g. home or school, and it is not a time-limited service so once contact has been established, the intervention will continue for as long as it is felt to be effective and necessary

Who to contact


Where to go

The Gaddum Centre,
Gaddum House
6 Great Jackson Street
M15 4AX