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The Paperweight Trust

Paperweight offers a free professional service delivering immediate practical help to assist those who find themselves alone and in need of hands-on guidance in all manner of domestic administration, paperwork, bureaucracy and procedures. Our volunteers are all professionals in their fields.

Our clients may be feeling isolated, having lost a partner through death, separation or divorce. They may be a couple, one of whom is dealing with an increasingly frail partner, or they are both becoming ill and less agile themselves. At this point in their lives, the everyday burden of dealing with the practicalities of paperwork and bureaucracy can become intolerable, a seemingly unstoppable tide and insurmountable burden.

We can support our clients with debt managementand household expenditure. We can intervene with creditors to help stabilise precarious situations. We deal with bureaucracy, welfare and benefits, form filling, correspondence with banks & building societies, hoarding, the taxman, councils, utilities, bills , probate, insurance, divorce and legal issues. We act as advocate and help review and complete documents and if necessary, draft in expert opinion. We offer guidance, anonymity and a good deal of common sense. We aim to steer our clients towards independence and an improved
quality of life.

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When there's nowhere else to turn, we can help you take control of your financial, legal and administrative affairs - a free service for the Jewish community.