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Active Assistance - supported accommodation and supported housing

The Active Assistance Group has developed significant capabilities enabling it to manage a very wide range of complex health conditions in your home. These include: 
• spinal cord injuries
• ventilation
• MS
• acquired brain injury
• cerebral palsy
• muscular dystrophy
• spinal muscular atrophy
• cardio-vascular disease
• encephalopathies
• spina bifida
• oncology

Whatever the condition our approach is the same: homecare programmes are tailored around your needs. This can range from a few hours each day to 24 hour live in care. Our carers are trained to undertake a range of tasks including: 
• manual bowel evacuation
• catheter management
• administration of medication
• managing tracheostomy tubes and ventilation
• maintaining naso-gastric and PEG tubes
• maintaining mobilisation to prevent pressure sores
• managing emergencies, such as autonomic dysreflexia
• general assistance with mobilisation
• managing boundaries
• managing challenging behaviours
• motivational skills

We try to ensure that we meet the religious, cultural and language requirements of our diverse client population.

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Office hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm and 24 hour emergency helpline available by the main switchboard telephone number.

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