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Critical incident team

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) work in schools, early years settings and colleges to offer support in the event of a Critical Incident. A critical incident is an event that impacts on the school community e.g. the sudden death of a pupil or teacher. The team work to enhance the school’s own support and coping strategies following a critical incident, and to help the school to understand and manage the range of responses to the incident.

In the event of a Critical Incident the EPS Critical Incident Team will offer schools: ▪ Phone advice / guidance. ▪ School visit, within 24 hours of the request to support in school response to the incident, to provide guidance on immediate, medium-term and long-term action relating to the specific incident. The aim will be to support school leadership to support their children, staff and parents. Further work may also be agreed, e.g. ▪ A briefing to all school staff ▪ Small group work with the school staff most affected ▪ A drop-in session for parents

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Who to contact


Where to go

Burrows House
10 Priestly Road
Wardley Industrial Estate,
M28 2LY


Referral required
Referral Details

Professional referral only - Service can be accessed via the school SENCo.