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Ableize- Disability and Special Needs Resources

ABLEize is a non profit disability and special needs directory run by disabled people for disabled people. It is dedicated to offering the largest online resource of disability and special needs information, services and support to assist disabled people, their family and carers.

As well as providing a vast collection of resources from access, travel, sports, the arts, benefits, care, special needs education and much more ABLEize has dedicated regional sections for localised sites of interest. Salford specific resources can be found in the Manchester Disability Resources  section with a separate Manchester Support Groups section providing much needed support services.

Subjects can be searched from the front page of ABLEize but for the convenience of visitors of this site we have included a short cut to the most viewed sections of ABLEize. 

  1. Children's Disability Resources
  2. Disabled Children's Holidays
  3. Live in Carers
  4. Special Needs Clothing
  5. Disability Arts
  6. Children's Charities
  7. Disabled Accessible Holidays
  8. Mastectomy Product
  9. Wheelchair Accessible Housing
  10. Special Needs Education
  11. Arthritis Care Treatment
  12. Disabled Schools and Further Education
  13. Multi Sensory Play Therapy
  14. Disability Sports
  15. Wheelchair Accessible Canal Boats

ABLEize also provides details of a range of disability products and services that are vital to many disabled people, a brief example of these are below: 

  1. Mobility Aids
  2. Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
  3. Adjustable Beds
  4. All Terrain Wheelchairs
  5. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  6. Wheelchair Transfer Hoist
  7. Disabled Injury Lawyers
  8. Disability Insurance
  9. Wheelchair Ramp
  10. Disabled Vehicle Adaptions

To offer greater support to people suffering with mental health issues, ABLEize has created a dedicated Manchester Mental Health support section with a range of help and contacts, click the highlighted link left.

 ABLEize is grateful to Salford City Council for assisting with ensuring disabled and special needs people, their family and carers have access to the information, support and resources they require.

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