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Patient Transport Service

Can I use the Patient Transport Service? You may be eligible for the Patient Transport Service (PTS) if you have a medical or clinical condition which could stop you getting to your appointment by any other means. We will ask you some simple questions to check if you are eligible.

In Greater Manchester we will ask you additional eligibility criteria questions, these will help us provide the most appropriate transport to meet your needs and not restrict your access to PTS.

First Appointment: To book transport please contact your local transport booking centre as below. When you telephone, you will need your NHS number, which you can get from your GP or clinic. Please tell us about your mobility; if you need someone to accompany you due to a specific need, together with any other requirements you may have to make sure the right type of transport is booked for you.

If you would like a text message reminder three days before your journey, or would like to be told when the ambulance is on its way to you, please speak to the booking centre about this.

Follow up Appointments: If you require transport for any subsequent follow up appointments, it is normally the clinic that will arrange this. There are some booking centres who do this on behalf of the hospitals and clinics. Ask the booking centre for details of the arrangements in your local area.

Who to contact



Phone lines are open Mondy to Friday 8am to 6pm

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Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm