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Request an Education Health and Care needs assessment

The EHC Hub is a system for families, professionals, and education settings to work together and collaborate on Education Health and Care needs assessment, plans and reviews. This helps deliver positive outcomes with the child or young person at the heart of the process in a clear and transparent way.

It offers:

  • Children, young people and families a voice so they can contribute, view information and track their case
  • Involved professionals a simple streamlined way to contribute advice easily and securely
  • Education settings an intuitive hub for managing EHC assessments and reviews, and cohesion in collaborating with all partners across Education, Health and Social Care.

Parents, carers and young people can request an EHC needs assessment via the EHC Hub and follow the on screen advice. Once your request has been acknowledged, you will be asked to register an account

Practitioners (nurseries, schools, colleges) can request an EHC needs assessment via their account on Hub. If you wish to make a referral from a school or setting but don’t have an account, please contact and this can be arranged.

Please see the external links tab on the right side of the page for support videos for parents/carers, young people, settings and contributors.

If you have any problems accessing the hub, or have any further questions, see our Frequently Asked Questions section, or please contact

Parent/carers and young people FAQs (Q1-8)

School/setting and professionals FAQs (Q9-11)

Q1. Do I have to use the Hub?

No, not if you do not want to. Your views and information can be provided with the assistance of the SENCO in your child’s school / setting, or via email to the SEN team (

Q2. Do I need an account on the EHC hub to request an EHC needs assessment?

No, an account is not required. Once you have made the initial request, if you have provided an email address you will be invited to register an account to contribute further information and track the progress of your request.

Q3. What is 2 factor Authentication?

2 factor authentication is an extra layer of security to add to your account to prevent someone from logging in even if they have your password. It is a random 6 digit code that you will need each time you log in.

Q3. What if I forget my password?

There is a link on the homepage to reset your password at any time. You can also manage your account within the account settings section; here you can change your information, password and manage the email addresses linked to your account. 

Q4. What happens after I have submitted a request?

Your request will be processed on to the Hub. You will receive an invite to register, sent to the email address included in the initial request. The Local authority will request additional information from your child’s school / setting and inform Health and Social Care that we have received the request.

Q5. Will I receive updates on my child’s case?

Yes, you will receive an email each time a stage is complete, or if you are required to provide information or views.

Q6. Is the Hub secure? Who can see my child’s information?

The hub is very secure; the 2 factor authentication offers a high level of protection. Access to any child’s information is by invitation only and is controlled by the Local Authority.  When you look at your child’s information, you can also see the names of all the other people who have been invited to view or contribute to the case.

Q7. How do I know what should be happening and by when?

All next steps and dates are displayed in the hub at all stages of the process, and you will receive an email each time a stage is completed.

Q8. If my child already has a plan, can we use the Hub?

At the moment not all EHCPs are uploaded onto the Hub. The LA is working to upload all the EHCPs as quickly as possible.

Q9. We have more than one person who needs access to the Hub, is this OK?

A. for a school or setting to have more than one person with access to the Hub is fine. However, they must have an individual log on, please don’t share accounts / passwords. If there is someone who needs access but doesn’t have it, please email with the details and an account will be created.

Q10. Can we conduct a review using the EHC Hub?

We are currently uploading all our existing EHCPS on to the Hub. Once the EHCPs for children in a school or setting are uploaded, we will inform the school so they can begin using the Hub to conduct Annual Reviews.

Q11. If I’m requested to provide advice towards an EHC needs assessment, when is the advice due?

There are no changes to EHC needs assessment advice deadlines; advices are due within six weeks of the date of the request. If the case is allocated within a team, the deadline remains six weeks, even if the allocation was later than the request date.

Q12. Will I be reminded of deadlines?

A. Yes, a notification will be provided to the individual and team within the Hub. Further notifications will be provided if the request becomes overdue.