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Salford Learning City

Salford Learning City

Alongside the University of Salford, Salford City College, The Lowry, Salford CVS and community groups the council is developing a model for learning.

Moving away from exams, tests, and qualifications, Salford's Learning City approach will support those who feel excluded from formal education and or want to continue learning in informal ways.

Using our community's knowledge and expertise, we will turn Salford into a dynamic, interactive academy of ideas with 'no strings attached' educational and developmental opportunities that will be called Salford Learning City. It is all about the joy of learning.

Learning is about curiosity, openness, raising confidence, challenging prejudices and developing self-discipline. Learning is a route to unlocking the secrets of the world we all live in. It is how we come to understand the organisations interacted with, make social connections and become involved in civic life. Learning is something which is good for all of us, regardless of jobs or qualifications.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Learning City Life Hack session

Do you want to learn more about mental health and well-being and where to get help and support?

Salford residents aged 18 and over, can find out more from an online session being held on Thursday 17 February from 5 to 6pm. Professionals from children and adult mental health providers will be offering advice on how to look after your mental health. Topics will include:

  • Understanding yourself (learn about different types of self-care, such as writing a diary or poetry)
  • Transforming your thinking (consider ways of coping with stress and improving your mental health, such as exercise)
  • Understanding labels and how to deal with them (become aware of mental health labels and how they can affect people)
  • Developing purpose and feeling part of a community (become aware of how supporting and volunteering in the community can help your mental health)

Complete a short survey to take part in the Life Hack sessions. You can also access the survey by scanning the QR code with your phone and add your contact details at the end, residents will then be emailed the Zoom link. The survey will help those delivering the session to tailor the content to the needs of people taking part. The survey will take about ten minutes to fill in and doesn’t ask you to provide information that would identify who you are. The deadline to submit a survey is midday on 9 February.

QR code for mental health survey

If you’d prefer not to do a survey, or you’re unable to use the weblink or scan the QR code, please email Clare Hopton at for the Zoom weblink.